BC Wine Classifications

100% BC Wines

100% BC Wines are regulated under the Provincially legislated Wines of Marked Quality Regulation through the BC Wine Authority. The Regulation outlines the governed terminology.

BC VQA Wines

Put very simply, the BC VQA designation on the Wines of British Columbia is a guarantee that you’re purchasing 100% BC Wine. BC VQA certified wines are also tasted by a qualified panel for quality characteristics prior to being able to use the BC VQA symbol. The key trade association for BC VQA Wines is the BC Wine Institute.

Wines of Distinction

Wines not bearing the BC VQA symbol and not tasted for quality may be labelled “Product of British Columbia”. These wines are made from BC grapes, but have not gone through the BC VQA certification process.

Bottled in British Columbia – International and Domestic Wine

These wines are blended and bottled in British Columbia by established wineries which may also produced BC VQA wines. They are a blend of imported wines with differing levels of domestic content. There is no specifically defined requirement for percentage of either imported or domestic content for these products. These wines are sometimes also referenced as "Cellared in Canada."