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Things to Think about While Browsing the Wine List


  • We were a BC VQA Store, however now we are offering gift services and education. If you fill out a wishlist, we will refer you to some wineries directly or other businesses that may now be able to help you.
  • Wines will come and go as older vintages deplete and new vintages are released
  • The Wine List represents all wine varieties and blends produced on a an annual basis
  • No prices appear as they are subject to change monthly by the wineries. With our specialized wine license, we must sell at winery list price, which means our prices will always be the same as at wineries or government liquor stores (if it is available there, however most of the wines we sell are not)
  • No vintages are listed as they change often. Contact us if you are interested in specific wines and we can let you know the current vintage that is available as well as make other recommendations to you depending upon the style of wines you enjoy.
  • Make your wish list and email or phone us and we can inform you of availability, pricing and help with budgetary and shipping needs
  • Trying to find a rare wine …ask to be on our waiting list
  • You can search by wine Winery, Wine/Grape Variety or Wine Type
  • Most table wine comes in 750 ml size, most Icewines come in 375ml
  • We also carry large format bottles MAGNUM = 1.5 lt = 2 bottles and a JERABOAM = 3 lt = 4 bottles
  • The smallest bottles we have to date are 50ml Mini gift boxed Icewines

This list represents wines that we may have presently in stock. Not all wines will be available throughout the year, and some will only be made available in small quantities for one time sale. Contact us to find current availability.


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