Wine Club



...Now with 3 Options...choose from:
1. All White Wine Club
2. Mixed White and Red Wine Club
3. All Red Wine Club

Easy and Convenient

  • Limited releases, new vintages and award winning wines
  • Receive a sampling of BC’s best selections and values
  • Pay the winery list price (same price as buying from the winery direct)
  • No set up fees, extra charges or pre-payments, just pay as you go with each Club
  • Receive wines that only go to our Wine Club members
  • A great way to taste different wines… and if you find something you love and want more, be sure to order more before it’s gone!

How It Works

  • Receive a case of wine (12 different bottles of wine) every 2 months from different BC wineries.
  • Shipment months are November, January, March, May, July, September.
  • You will receive an exclusive information package including awards, food pairing suggestions, tasting notes and cellaring suggestions.
  • You only pay exactly what the winery list price is. This means the price will fluctuate slightly with each shipment., but stay within the range listed above.
  • Local pickups can occur in our stores in Kelowna and Kamloops.
  • For shipments everywhere else across Canada, shipments leave Kelowna, BC usually the third week of the month and you will receive an email once it is on its way.
  • Sign up for 6 deliveries (1 year) and cancel at any time after that by notifying us 30 days before the next shipment.
  • Shipping charges are added and vary depending upon where it is going. We have a few carriers of choice and we will discuss them with you to see what works the best for you. Estimates are Vancouver: $34, Victoria: $43, Prince Rupert: $44,
  • For a variety of reasons, delivery is to a place of business or to a Loomis depot in major cities. If you do not have a place of business that can be delivered to, perhaps a friend or family member has a place of business you can ship to, to your attention there, or in major cities that have Loomis depot's your Wine Club can be shipped for pick up at the depot.
  • If you go on holidays we can hold your shipments here so you do not miss out on new releases and great wine! We can then ship to you when you get back. All you need to do is inform us with ample notice prior to a Wine Club month.
  • Wine Club Members may pick up at Discover Wines in Kelowna or Kamloops to alleviate shipping costs if you plan on being in town, just let us know ahead of time.
  • Remember that due to our very specialized Wine License that all wines are the same price as purchasing directly from the winery.

Option 1 White Wine Club:  Receive a selection of white wines. Price ranges from $235-240 per club.  (average $20 per bottle)

Option 2 Mixed Case Club: Receive a selection of white and red, therefore 6 bottles of white and 6 bottles of red. Once a year you may receive one bottle of Sparkling, Rose, or Dessert Wine. Price ranges from $235-240 per club. (average $20 per bottle)

Option 3 Red Wine Club: Receive a selection of red wines. Price ranges $295-$310. (average $24.60/bottle - this could mean receiving an excellent value $16 red and a $40 red in the same selection)

What makes our Wine Club unique is that we are a REAL STORE WITH REAL PEOPLE ! We are open 7 days a week to answer your questions.

We recently participated in a University of BC Business Management Degree student's project.  The students did an extensive school project where they surveyed our existing and previous Wine Club members and researched all other BC Wine Clubs and winery Wine Clubs.  We were very happy with the results from our survey where 100% of our existing AND past Club Members thought that our Club had excellent selection and value. When researching all other Clubs, the selection and offerings to our Club members were the best.  We work hard on negotiating allocations from wineries and building strong relationships with our winery suppliers to bring the best selections to our Club members.